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The Facts


What do WE do?

We consider the care and safety of our clients to be of the utmost importance. We have a little more to say regarding our younger clients...

A private ski instructor will help your child learn and improve – perhaps more than you thought was possible – with safety and supervision of foremost importance. We emphasise the importance of playing and having fun – it is the key to positive learning and technique development for children.

Your child’s instructor is guaranteed to be FULLY CERTIFIED, friendly, full of enthusiasm and knowlegable.

What can YOU do?
  • Your child’s first day with us is decisive for their progression. Shy or anxious children have an easier start if their parents inform them before arriving to start their first lesson.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of food. Please leave yourselves enough time to arrive without rushing or skipping a meal. Children who are not hungry are less likely to tire quickly, complain or demand to quit.

  • Our slopes are at a reasonably high altitude, therefore children can lose energy and dehydrate more easily. It is advisable that children take a drink plus a little snack to their lesson.

  • The weather and temperature can change quite quickly. Extra clothing layers should be on hand. Balaclavas and mittens (rather than gloves) are a very good idea on cold or windy days.

  • We encourage clients of ALL ages to wear helmets. It is our policy not to instruct children under the age of 14 if they are not wearing a helmet. Ensure that goggles, balaclavas and neck warmers all fit with the helmet.

  • The sun and glare is intense here. At all times times – during a lesson, while playing in the snow, while sledging, etc... – children need extra attention with sunscreen protection and goggles. And yes, we recommend goggles rather than sunglasses – in any weather conditions.

  • Does your child have any allergies, medical conditions or special dietry requirements that we should be aware of? Be sure to inform the office and the instructor on the first day.

  • All equipment should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

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